How AMA PERS platform

keeps Care with YOUR clients

As we age, our physical and mental abilities inevitably decline. Although many people can maintain high levels of physical functioning and mental acuity, the aging process reduces living independently. That is, of course, where you, the service coordinator, come in.

What is the best LTSS plan?

The loss of independence can be manifested in many ways. Failing eyesight and slowed motor functions increase the risk of falls and injury. Our clients may simply find it increasingly difficult to keep up with everyday tasks such as cleaning, preparing meals, doing laundry; just keeping up with the house and yard is a challenge! However, this does not stop them from trying. 

For individuals with severe chronic illnesses related to heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and other conditions, it may mean relying on others to help with the most routine daily life activities, such as putting on clothes, getting to the bathroom, eating a meal, and taking a bath. All of our clients, at some level, require some type of long-term care. All kinds of accidents and misfortunes occur. Caregivers are not always available.

Individuals who develop cognitive impairments due to Alzheimer’s disease or other conditions may require increasing supervision by others to remind them what to do and ensure that they do not harm themselves.

We also know to focus on social isolation and loneliness when working on a client’s assessment. As we have learned, isolation and loneliness can have severe emotional and social consequences. They can contribute to a decline in our clients’ physical and mental health and quality of life.

Abuse can happen anywhere, especially in our client’s homes. At least 10% of adults, age 65 and older, will experience some form of elder abuse in a given year, and older adults simultaneously experiencing more than one type of abuse. The mistreatment of older adults can be by family members, neighbors, health care providers, caregivers, or friends.

As you will see, the AMA device not only saves lives, but it saves MCO’s time and money while helping to regulate your workload by keeping YOU ahead of surprises.
“At the request of our Case Managers, we have created
valuable solutions to assist our most vulnerable clients.” ~ Noah Gifford

Have your members been admitted to
the hospital without you knowing?

Avoid the frustration of a client not telling you about an incident; Our cutting-edge PERS solutions provide detailed real-time communication that keeps you in the loop for any critical incident or trigger event.

Every time one of your members pushes their button, here’s what happens:

If a trigger event or critical incident has occurred, we send real-time notifications directly to the service coordinator, including the details of the incident.

Our trained operators assess the situation and quickly dispatch the right help.

As appropriate, we follow up with our clients directly to ensure their lives are back on track and ensure their needs are being met.

Listen to Bath Time Misery

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Bath Time Misery

Call #1: The Diversity of an AMA PERS Device

This is a quick interaction between one of our mutual clients. This call points out TWO critical points:

1. All of our devices are water-resistant. Clients can use them in the tub or shower.

2. Complimentary lockboxes are available upon request!

Listen to Confusion and Loneliness

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Confusion and Loneliness

Call #1: AMA‘s Commitment to Excellence


Our monitoring center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At the push of
a button, you’ll instantly be in contact with our highly trained operators. They
are fully HIPAA compliant and Five Diamond certified with a commitment to:

  •  The highest levels of customer service
  • Ongoing job-related education and testing
  • Raising the industry standards
  • Reducing false dispatches
“AMA PERS is not just a fall button but a Universal Call Line” ~ Noah Gifford. AMA president
We send follow-up notifications directly to our service coordinators, including the follow-up details. Cut and paste the details right into your system.