In-Home PERS devices are an often overlooked anymore as an option for Medicaid Members. Many Case Managers often ask “With GPS, my member can call anytime, anywhere. Isn’t that the best option?” Yes, GPS devices are cutting edge technology, however, this technology does require extra care and attention. On the other hand, In-Home Devices are much simpler and more reliable for less active members.

In-Home Devices Pros:
  • Small, lightweight and water-proof help buttons increase usability  

  • Help button batteries last for years. No recharging necessary  

  • Loud 2-way voice audio for clear communication 

  • Includes several testing and safety features standard with device 

  • Includes options for cellular connectivity if there is no landline 

As a provider, AMA always ensures the best suited device is getting to your member’s home. How we determine that is participant choice. To help aid the member, we do ask questions that determine which device would be the best fit for him or her.

  1. Do you travel outside alone often?
  2. When you do travel, are you always with someone?
  3. Are you active in the community or do you tend to stay home?

With everything being said, In-Home PERS devices do a great job protecting individuals in and around their home. They are a great option for members who may have someone with them during the day but are left at alone for brief periods throughout the day or even night.