Med Ready

Medication Dispensers


Timely Distribution for Medication

MedReady increases medication compliance up to 96.7% by virtually eliminating missed doses and overdosing on medication.

  • Reduces Hospitalization
  • Increases Medication compliance
  • Eliminates missed/over-dosing
Why is there an emerging need for medication management?

Seventy-five percent of Americans have trouble taking their medicine as directed

Approximately 125,000 deaths per year in the United States are due to medication nonadherence

Up to 69% of medication-related hospital admissions are due to poor adherence

Helping Patients Take Their Medication As Directed

One Less Argument, Reliable, Promotes Independence.

MedReady increases medication compliance by up to 96.7% by eliminating missed and overdosing on medication.

Automatically dispenses medication to patients up to 4 times per day and transmits non-compliance data for fast resolution

MedReady Medication Dispenser Informational Video

Mobile GPS


Activate your lifestyle with confidence

  • For On-the-Go Safety!
  • Wristband
  • Water Resistant
Mobile GPS


Breaking the Backyard Barrier

  • Members enjoy their independence in or away from their home
  • Help for any situation is just a button push away
  • Quick Response assistance sent to where you are

In-Home Unit

Provide Safety in your Home

  • For In–Home Safety
  • Wristband and Necklace Options
  • Water Resistant