Ensuring Accessibility

Adaptive Devices

Ensuring Accessibility

Adaptive Devices

Adaptive Devices

Of course, we know there are many members with certain limitations, and we’ve always been able to figure out ways to assist almost all clients. Utilizing adaptive devices in technology is crucial for ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all users. Alternative ways to activate devices to call for help include pillow push pads, sip-and-puff devices, and switches for the visually impaired. These can all be implemented to modify your clients’ solutions. Alert Medical Alarms’ Adaptive Device solutions are only limited by our imagination. That is why we rely heavily on yours 🙂

Here are some favorites:

Pillow Switches

Pillow Switches

The Pillow Switch is a wired single assistive technology device activated by a client’s head or cheek and conveniently positioned with velcro.

This assistive technology can easily be fastened to a pillow or wheelchair cushion with a safety pin and Velcro. Visual and auditory feedback occurs when the wired single switch is activated. It has a smooth and soft foam surface  ideal for activation by the user’s head or cheek no matter where pressed

This soft, flexible foam-encased switch makes an excellent activation solution for users with limited physical movement or dexterity.

What is Sip and Puff?

This assistive technology is a form of switch system that sends signals through air pressure by having users sip (inhale) or puff (exhale) through a tube, straw, or wand.

Users can calibrate their SNP device to recognize their ability to sip and puff, which allows the client to  activating their AMA Pers

Our 36-inch Easy Flex Sip and Puff Switch is ideal for users with limited mobility or physical challenges, allowing mouth operation.

Bright Switch for the Visually Impaired

A great choice for visually impaired users, this switch’s bright blinking light makes it easy to locate.  When the switch is activated, its textured yellow light shines, music plays and the switch vibrates.

Is this an extra cost?

NO! AMA Adaptive Devices are complimentary with your client’s PERS authorization.

If you have a client with any need or challenge,  please call your case manager specialist and tell us the situation. Together we can solve most problems.

Necessity is the mother of invention.  When we know needs, we create solutions. Schedule time to train with our team today!

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